Voice Controlled Virtual Reality and VR Tours

By Stephen Garside on 11/1/2017

Voice controlled VR tours just became a reality at 360Jungle! Our Enterprise package now includes state of the art speech recognition and voice control*, allowing your visitors to control their virtual tour experience through speech alone.

N.B * Our speech recognition feature is currently only available in recent version of the Chrome browser and is an experimental technology.

Tour viewers can easily move between spaces simply by saying "go to kitchen", or "go to bedroom 1" etc.  Viewing the physical location of the VR tour on a map is as easy as saying "map", or perhaps you want to view the tour plan - just say "plan".  These features really come alive when the tour is switched into virtual reality mode using a headset such as Google Cardboard . 

Our new speech recognition feature can also be used to control our guided tours. Viewers simply need to say "rewind", or "pause" etc to control the tour - again this is great especially in VR mode.

A full list of voice controls is as follows:-

Within a Guided VR Tour Speak...

"play" or "start" - Play tour (when paused)

"pause", "stop" - Pause tour

"forward", "forwards" - Move guided tour forward one space

"rewind", "back, "backwards" - Go back to start of current tour space

"restart" - Restart guided tour

"end", "finish" - End guided tour

"slow", "medium", "fast" - Set guided virtual tour playback speed


Within a Manual VR Tour Speak...

"plan", "layout" - Show tour plan

"map" - Show physical location of vr tour on a map

"information" - Show more information about the current tour space


Within any VR Tour Type Speak...

"go to [room name]" i.e. "go to kitchen" - Move to a named space in the tour

"close", "hide" - Close pop-up widows i.e. map, information etc

"volume off", "speech off", "sound off" - Turn speech off

"volume on", "speech on", "sound on" - Turn speech on


We really hope you enjoy our new speech recognition within our Virtual and VR 360 degree tours - why not tell us what you think.

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