Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agents and Letting Agents

By Stephen Garside on 20/7/2016

360Jungle is an online Virtual Tour software package that allows Real Estate and Letting Agents offer online virtual property tours on desktop, tablet, mobile and in virtual reality (using headsets such as google cardboard).

360Jungle offers real estate businesses the opportunity to offer a premium Virtual Reality viewing service with very little financial outlay, and no technical experience in either photography or software development.

There are several low priced 360 degree cameras now on the market that are extremely simple to use, whose photographs can be uploaded to 360Jungle and within minutes turned into a 360 virtual tour of a property.  These tours can be linked to from business websites, and in some cases embedded into the owners own website (*subject to price plan).

Tours can be branded with business logos for a fully integrated look and feel.

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Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate and Letting Agents

Virtual tours bring several key benefits to estate and letting agents including:

  • Saving the time of clients by enabling them to do a virtual walk through of a property before they commit to a visit.
  • Saving staff time doing visits for time wasting clients, thus reducing overall agent costs.
  • More qualified sales leads - Should a client want to visit a property following a virtual tour, they are likely to be far more engaged as they will already have a much better feel for the property and its layout.
  • There is an opportunity to encourage more people into store if they don't have a virtual reality headset - why not come into the office and take a no-obligation virtual tour.
  • Elevates the business brand by offering the latest VR technology over your competitors.
  • No additional staff training costs to use the technology required to create a virtual tour.  The latest 360 degree cameras are easier to use than a traditional digital camera. They are simply mounted on a standard camera tripod, positioned, and then a photo taken from the operators mobile phone. These photographs are then uploaded to 360Jungle, linked together and published - all in a matter of minutes!
  • As with every business venture it is important to measure the return on investment. 360Jungle gives you the ability to create a call to action for each virtual tour, and provides Click Through Rates in a simple dashboard within the account screen. This information give you an 'at a glance' summary of how each of your tours is performing and contributing to your sales funnel.


In Summary

Virtual Reality technology for virtual tours is ushering in a new era for the real estate and letting agency business sector. Gone are the days when a series of flat images was the only way for a client to preview a property before a visit. For just a few hundred pounds investment in a new 360 degree camera and an account with 360Jungle, there is the opportunity for real estate and letting agents to offer their clients a richer more interactive experience - what are you waiting for? sign up to 360Jungle today...


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