Top Tips for Shooting Panoramic Photos for Virtual Tours and VR

By Stephen Garside on 22/6/2016

Here are our 6 top tips for shooting panoramic photographs for use in virtual tours software:-

  1. Avoid mirrors and other reflective surfaces such as glass shower screens. When positioning for your photo, take a good look round and see if you can see the camera and tripod reflecting off a surface - a classic is wall mounted mirrors, wardrobe doors with mirrors etc. 
  2. When creating a virtual tour of a space that your viewer would be standing in, set your tripod height to position your 360 degree camera lens at approx 5ft 10 inchs or 155cm high. Any lower than this and your viewer may miss details of the space that they would see when actually there. Any higher than this and they may get an unrealistic perspective.
  3. When photographing more confined spaces around the home, a top tip is to leave doors open to give a feeling of space and also as an invitation and visual cue to move around the tour.
  4. Always take more than one photograph of a space before moving onto the next position - you never know if there maybe something in the shot at that moment in time that is a spoiler - i.e. the family dog or cat walks in at that crucial moment!
  5. We recommend you try and avoid placing yourself within the photos for the tour. Take advantage of wi-fi enabled cameras and take the photograph remotely with you stood outside of camera shot.
  6. Its sounds obvious, but always try and take photographs for your virtual tour in good light. Most 360 degree cameras don't have a flash facility, so good light is really important.

If you have any more tips for shooting photographs for use in virtual tours and virtual reality apps then why not drop us a line and we can include them in this article!

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