Speaking Virtual Reality VR Tours With Speech

By Stephen Garside on 29/11/2016

360Jungle Virtual Reality VR tours just found its voice with a fantastic new real time speech option to bring your 360 degree tours to life. The Enterprise version of 360Jungle software gives visitors the option to listen to tour information rather than having to read it, leading to a more immersive tour.

A range of voices are available, both male and female, in a multitude of languages. 

To enable speech in a tour, visitors simply click the volume button to enable the real time speech facility. Clicking the speaker icon also shows the tour guide who acts as a visual anchor whilst speaking is underway. 


enable speech button in virtual online tour

Where the speech facility really comes into its own is when a visitor enables both the speech and virtual reality options. In VR mode, visitors can 'stare' at a point of interest and then simply listen to the details rather than having to read it for themselves.

vr tour with immersive realtime speech

Thats enough talk - why not listen to our Guided VR Tour with Realtime Speech right now!


360Jungle Virtual Assistant

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