How Do I Create a Virtual Tour?

By Stephen Garside on 12/7/2016

Creating a Virtual Tour is really easy at 360Jungle and takes around 5 minutes

  1. Take panoramic photos using a 360 degree camera or phone app.
  2. Create a new Virtual Tour in your 360Jungle account.
  3. Give your tour a Name, Description and upload your panoramic photographs.
  4. Give each panoramic 360 degree photo a name and description.
  5. Link each photograph together by setting the position of exits using our Virtual Tour Creator.
  6. Set the Startup direction for each photograph in your tour.
  7. Publish your Virtual Tour online.

For a more detailed description of how to create a Virtual VR Tour read our more detailed  article on creating virtual tours with 360Jungle.


View a 360Jungle Virtual Tour Demo

creating a new virtual tour at 360Jungle

360Jungle Virtual Assistant

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