How Can I Create a Virtual Tour Plan

By Stephen Garside on 5/9/2016

Creating a plan for your virtual reality tour is an excellent way to help viewers get a feel for your space layout and also aid tour navigation. To create your tour plan follow these simple steps:-

  1. Create an image containing your tour plan - this should be 1000px x 750px in size and ideally be in .jpg format.
  2. Within your 360Jungle account, select your tour for edit.
  3. Once in the Manage Tour screen, click the Plan tab and then the Browse button to upload your tour plan image.
  4. With your plan image uploaded, next click the Set Plan Positions button to open the Manage Tour Plan screen.
  5. A tour plan consists of Hotspots that are positioned over the top of your Plan image. When a visitor to your tour opens the tour map they can click on each hotspot to navigate to that space within the tour. Select the Space you wish to add to your plan from the list of Spaces to the left of the screen. Next, click on the tour map at the exact position you wish to place the Hotspot.  Repeat this step for all your Spaces.
  6. Once you have positioned all your hotspots, exit the Manage Tour Plan screen and view your tour. You can access your tour map by clicking the Map icon in the bottom left of the tour screen.
set virtual tour map positions
position virtual tour map hotspots
interactive virtual tour map icon
interactive virtual tour plan

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