Creating a Virtual Tour with 360Jungle

By Stephen Garside on 22/6/2016

Getting Started

Working from the My Account page, click the Create New Tour button to start your new virtual tour:

create new virtual tour button


The following form will now be displayed for you to complete:

create new virtual tour form


Start by giving your tour a name - this should be descriptive of what the tour contains e.g. 12 Acacia Avenue London

Next, select a category that best represents the type of tour you are creating e.g. Property Sale. Again, be as accurate as possible as this grouping is used to promote your tour in search engines.

The final step is to click the Browse button and select all your panoramic photos for upload:

upload panoramic photos to your virtual tour

You will have the opportunity later to upload more photos should you need to, so don't worry if you miss one at this stage.

Once you have selected all your photos click the Open button to close the pop-up file selector window, then click the Create Tour button.

Next Steps...

Your new virtual tour will now be created and opened for you. The next step is to complete the remaining fields - these will be dependent on the price plan you have selected.

You have the option to add a Description of your tour - this will be available to read from the home page of your virtual tour.

Next, you have the ability to add a Call To Action [CTA] (*dependent on price plan).  A call to action allows you to offer a next step in your virtual tour e.g. 'book a visit', or 'find out more'.  A CTA requires a short description and a destination web address or url.  If you set up a CTA, this is displayed to the user as they exit the tour:

example of a tour call to action


You have the ability to display to tour visitors its location on a map (*dependent on price plan). To place the tour, add the latitude and longitude to the respective fields.  A link to Bing maps is provided to assist you in looking up a lat long.

The next field allow you to upload a 'Hero' photograph to display on the introduction screen of your tour. This photograph should be 400px x 400px in size and ideally in jpg format. If you don't add your own hero then a default image is used.

To make your tour 'Live' you need to publish it - this is done by ticking the Published checkbox.  Un-ticking this box prevents your tour from being viewed.

Ticking the Visible to Search Engines box allows your virtual tour to be indexed or included in search engine results and thus further promote the tour. Un-tick this box if you would prefer not to include the tour in search engine results.

Your final tour form should look a little like this 

example final virtual tour form

Naming Your Tour Spaces

The next step in creating your new online virtual tour is to link all your panoramic photos [Spaces] together with the addition of exits.

Before completing this step, ensure you have named each Space and given each a description:

naming your virtual tour spaces

The Yellow exclamation triangle indicates that the Space is not currently linked to any other space so is un-reachable in the tour - this will disappear as you link the spaces together with exits.  

You can control which Space is used to start your tour by clicking the Play button start tour space play buttonabove the relevant Space.

Creating Exits

The final step in creating your virtual tour is to link your Tour Spaces together - this is done by adding Exits to each Space. To start this process click the Set Exits button:

set exits button


The Exit manager will now be displayed:

online virtual tour exits


To set a new exit, click the Space you want to work with in the Spaces column. Next, click the Space you want to link to in the Available Exits column.  

Using the mouse, drag the panoramic photo to place the cross-hair where you want to add your selected exit and press the space bar. This will position the exit and link the two spaces together (n.b this only creates a one way link between the two Spaces).

place an exit


To remove the exit, click the cross next to the exit.

Repeat this step for each of your Spaces until all your exits have been set.

To control the direction a tour visitor initially looks at, position the cross-hair in the Space and click the Set Startup Direction button.

To work on a different Space you can either click  on it from the Spaces list, or navigate your tour by clicking on the placed exits within your tour:

navigate a virtual tour


Publish Your Tour

With all your exits set, click the < edit tour link to return to the Edit Tour screen. Finally click the Published checkbox and Save button to make your tour available online.

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