360 Jungle Virtual and VR Tours Arrives on Amazon Alexa

By Stephen Garside on 20/2/2018

As from the 20th of Feb 2018 you can contact 360 Jungle VR and Virtual Tours using your Amazon Alexa

You can talk with 360 Jungle by saying "Alexa, three sixty jungle" - you will then be able to interact with Roxanne, our virtual assistant.

roxanne our virtual assistant on Alexa

Roxanne can help you in various ways:-

  • Find out about our products [Say "Tell me about your products", or "Tell me about your Premium package"]
  • Get the latest news ["Tell me some news"]
  • Request a call back ["Can somebody call me"]
  • Ask support questions ["I have a support question"]
  • Find out about 360 Jungle ["What does your company do?"]

Visit 360Jungle VR Tours on Amazon Alexa today and let us know what you think. You can find out more about the 360 Jungle online VR tours Alexa app in the Amazon Alexa app store.


You can also talk to 360 Jungle Virtual tours on your Google Home device by saying "Ok Google, talk to three sixty jungle".

talk to 360jungle virtual tours on your amazon alexa

360Jungle Virtual Assistant

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