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360Jungle provide online virtual tours software for creating 360° tours - with exciting Virtual Reality and Desktop viewing options. Our vr tour software allows you to create virtual tours through interconnecting 360° panoramic photographs. Our unique virtual tour builder is easy to use and you will have your 360° tour available to view online in minutes.

Our VR Tours can be viewed on all device types from desktop, to tablet and mobile. If your smartphone supports device orientation then you can also view your tours in VR (Virtual Reality), and through the use of gaze gestures easily move round and interact with the 360° space.

Our Enterprise package includes our unique guided tour feature with real-time speech and your very own personalised tour guide! This software package also includes voice control using the latest in speech recognition technology, giving your viewers the benefit of being able to move around your tour using speech alone (* latest Chrome browsers only). Read more about our voice controlled virtual and vr tours.

Virtual reality headset
Desktop pc monitor showing 360Jungle virtual tours software

Uses for our Virtual Tours Software...

The uses for our VR tour software are restricted only by your imagination! 360Jungle allows your viewers and potential clients to experience your vr tours in full 360° on both desktop and virtual reality, so it is perfect for:

VR Tours of House / Property Sales and Rentals
Virtual Tours of Holiday Lettings / Caravan & Mobile Homes
Hotel / Motel Virtual Tours
Promotion of Visitor Attractions and Excursions
Virtual Tour Portfolios - e.g. Garden / House Renovations
360 Degree Tours of Buildings and Outdoor Spaces
Man wearing a virtual reality headset enjoying a 360 degree tour

Benefits of 360Jungle Virtual Tours

The key benefit of 360Jungle is that it allows viewers (your potential clients) to experience and take a virtual tour of a potential destination without having to physically be there. The experience gives the viewer a greater understanding of the layout of the space and how it inter-connects, together with how it might feel if they were actually there.

Our Premium and Enterprise price plans allow you to apply basic branding to your 360° Virtual Tour Viewer and include a Call To Action that links potential clients back to your own website and into your conversion funnel. For a totally seamless experience, our Enterprise plan allows you to embed a virtual tour into your own website for a fully integrated look and feel (* restrictions apply).

How does our Virtual Tours Software Work?

Panoramic photograph

360Jungle uses inter-connected 360° panoramic photos to build virtual tours that can be interactively explored.

Our Online 360° tour software is easy to use meaning you can have your virtual property or hotel tour ready to view in minutes.

Map with map pin

Each photo in a tour can have supporting information such as a description and a location on a map* to support the viewer's experience.

All tours are available to publically view online, either through the 360Jungle website or embedded into your own website*.

Online 360 degree desktop and VR space viewer

Each tour can have a Call to Action to help drive visitors into your own website conversion funnel (e.g. complete an enquiry form etc)*.

Each virtual tour can be search engine optimised to further promote it online.

Desktop and mobile device

The online 360Jungle VR tour viewer works in most modern desktop / tablet and mobile phone browsers. The option to experience a tour in Virtual Reality is only available on devices that support orientation (most popular smart phones).

360 degree panoramic camera

To use 360Jungle virtual tour software you will need panoramic photos taken with a suitable device such as a Ricoh Theta 360° camera or a panoramic photo phone app. You will also need access to a desktop PC / Mac with a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge / IE installed.

*subject to price plan selected

Starting at £1.99 Per Year

Our Virtual Tours Software Price Plans / Features

The following price plans / feature sets are available for our virtual tours software packages. We also offer our virtual tours software free for 30 days if you would prefer to try before you buy.

Basic Premium Enterprise
Number of Tours 1 10 20
Spaces Per Tour 10 14 20
Online Virtual Tour Builder
Search Engine Optimised Tours
Interactive Tour Map
Points of Interest
View and Conversion Stats
Space Animation Styles
Advert Free Tours
Location Tagging
Call To Actions
Branded Viewing Page
Easy Photo Flipping
Guided Tours with Speech
Voice Control Experimental Only
No 360Jungle Branding
Embed Tour in Your Own Website*
*Please read restrictions
Branded 'All Tours' Business Page
Extra Hi-res Virtual Tours
Cost Per Year per Plan (ex Tax) £1.99 £5.99 £9.99
£1.99 per tour £0.60 per tour £0.50 per tour

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